Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Choosing the right hairpiece for your wedding day can be a decision almost as time-consuming as choosing the right dress. Here are a few tips to help make shopping for a hair piece fun and easy:

Know how you’ll be wearing your hair.

Get inspired by pictures. Look in magazines, books, and web sites, and pay attention to the overall picture.

Think about your veil. Will the hair piece work well with the veil — will you attach the veil into the hair piece? Put it over the hair piece? Talk to your hairdresser about your options.

Narrow down by style. Do you like tiaras, combs, or pins? Do you want any flowers in your hair? Or perhaps you just want to wear a veil. Bring a photo of your dress! This will be extremely helpful to you.

Make sure you can return the hairpiece if it doesn't look right with your dress, and then try it on during a dress fitting.

Here are some photos of the hairpiece (and the box it comes in).

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