Monday, 23 April 2012

While it has become a more common occurrence for brides-to-be to hire a wedding planner to help with their special day, there are still many tasks that need to be accomplished on your own. The wedding planner isn’t going to pick your gown or your bridesmaid dresses for you . . . and that’s a good thing, because that’s one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding!

Picking a bridesmaid dress is almost as important as picking your own wedding dress (okay, not quite, but it’s important). The color and style of the bridesmaid dresses can set the mood for the entire wedding.

Make sure the girls like the dress you choose for them, because they will want to feel comfortable, and of course, beautiful, on your big day. I tried on several bridesmaid dresses and tried to imagine each of my bridesmaids in each dress. I also asked my bridesmaids what they liked and didn’t like about certain dress styles, and I had them try on a few specific dresses to get their input.

Ultimately, it is your decision because it is your wedding. Try to keep a nice balance between your wishes and your bridesmaids’ feelings.

Also, make sure to consider the climate and the formality of the event. Will your bridesmaids need a wrap? A wedding in November could feel like the middle of winter or the middle of spring. Do you want the dresses to be floor-length, 3/4 length, or knee-length? Consider the look of your dress and the overall look and feel of the wedding. Don’t choose knee-length bridesmaid dresses if your gown is going to be big and formal.
Finally, don’t stress! Though you can’t hand this job off to your wedding planner, you CAN have fun doing it on your own. Just keep in mind that you will NOT please everybody, but if you trust your heart and act with everybody’s best interest (including your own) in mind, you’ll have a gorgeous event bedazzled with beautiful gowns.

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