Friday, 24 August 2012

Unique ways to serve Ice cream
Happy Friday! It's been really hot these days and it's not getting any cooler! I even went on a Sounds like a good time for ice cream ;) Although anytime is a good time for ice cream! I got two charming ways to serve this chilly treat at an event or dinner party. Hope you're all having a wonderful week!
   I just did a baby shower and everyone loved this great idea ...!!!
  Recycle those soup cans ! This is a rustic idea .... and i love it!!

♨ Cold as Ice shot glasses I Method:

I was wandering around the other day and I saw this ice mould. I thought it was pretty cool and even cooler (haha) to serve ice shots to your guests on a hot summer day! You can put anything you want inside the ice shot glass or to create it. A lemoncello sounds good, lemonade for the kids or maybe just a plain shot. Whatever it is, these are effortless to make and a unique touch to a cocktail party.

The most romantic bed in the Seychelles ~

Houses in Zurenborg I Location: Antwerp, Belgium I Architect: Frans Smet-Verhas ~

Description: Zurenborg is an area with a high concentration of Art Nouveau houses interspersed with neoclassical mansions and other eclectic architectural styles. The houses were often named and decorated with accompanying themes: The Sunflower, The Rose, The Tulip, etc, etc.